HVA is regularly called upon to provide consulting on economic and valuation issues to clients involved in various stages of legal dispute.

HVA's services include data analysis, discovery assistance, acting as neutral or trier of fact, and review of testimony. Often these services lead to expert testimony in such matters as shareholder disputes, breach of contract, patent infringement, civil litigation, family law, bankruptcy, regulatory hearings, and tax disputes. Members of the firm have testified in various forums that include state, federal, and tax courts, as well as private and public arbitration forums like the National Association of Securities Dealers, the American Arbitration Association, and the International Court of Arbitration.

HVA's professionals understand the dispute resolution environment. HVA works closely with the client and its advisors not only to quantify the value of a particular business interest or economic loss, but to discuss overall litigation strategy, prepare for the presentation of conclusions and testimony, review the conclusions of other experts, and prepare counsel for cross examination of those experts. We also assist in identifying other project team members, drafting discovery language, and structuring settlements. The explanation and presentation of the analysis are adapted to the specific requirements and may include demonstratives, reports (including those required under Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure), declaration, or testimony.

HVA's experience in transactions, education, publishing, research and other consulting gives the firm credibility in its expert testimony that most litigation specialists lack.