Jeff Norkin

. . . is a Director with Houlihan Valuation Advisors in Indianapolis. Mr. Norkin’s management experience spans over 40 years in operating, administrative and advisory positions in businesses with revenues ranging from $500 thousand to over $500 million. He is experienced in general management, business and manufacturing operations, distribution and logistics, strategic planning, finance, controllership and information systems and has a keen interest in helping companies and their managers grow and prosper.

For the last twenty years he has been working with small businesses in the Greater Indianapolis Area and until recently, facilitating TAB President Boards. Jeff came to Indianapolis in 1994 as Vice President and General Manager for the Creative Expressions Group, a part of the James River Corporation. After turning around and selling that business, he founded The Alternative Board TAB® in Indianapolis and formed Norkin & Company, Inc., an Indianapolis-based consulting firm. He is co-owner of Essential Tools for Business SuccessSM, planning, management, hiring and selling tools for growing companies. Jeff has often assisted Houlihan Valuation Advisors with projects and studies which leverage his analytic, quantitative and small business experience to mutual benefit.

Highlights of his experience with Norkin & Company include building a client base of nearly 80 small and mid-sized company owners and assisting these entrepreneurs achieve their personal goals. Goals have included improving profitability, growing, reinventing, selling and exiting. Most have needed help to focus themselves and their business. Many have needed the right people, in the right jobs. Most have needed to hire better. Frequently they have found benefit from a peer advisory board.

Prior to Jeff’s moving to Indianapolis he served as General Manager of five James River Corporation businesses. He also served as a Vice President of the Dixie Products Business and of Container Corporation of America, a packaging company. Through his experiences he has been in positions of increasing responsibility in field and operating units, corporate headquarters and as the operating head of businesses. Jeff is as comfortable working on the plant floor as in the office or boardroom. He is a Certified TriMetrixHD® distributor for Target Training International, Ltd. Jeff received his BS in Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his MBA from the University of Chicago. He served in the Pentagon as a First Lieutenant in the U. S. Army.