Estate and tax planning

HVA has been called upon to issue valuation opinions for tax purposes in hundreds of assignments.  These include valuations for estate and gift taxes, buy/sell agreements, issuance of management stock options, charitable contributions and S Corp. conversion purposes.

HVA is careful to prepare a thorough, thoughtful analysis evidenced by a well documented narrative report as the best means to withstand the scrutiny of the Internal Revenue Service or other regulatory agencies.  HVA stands prepared to support its analysis upon audit or other challenge.  In the vast majority of such situations, HVA has helped to bring the matter to a successful resolution.

When valuing minority interests in operating companies, real estate holding companies (and partnerships) or investment companies (or partnerships), HVA relies upon several proprietary studies to quantify the appropriate level of discounts for both lack of control and lack of marketability.

In addition to providing valuation opinion, HVA will analyze the feasibility of various estate and tax planning strategies, review draft documents and agreements and recommend structural changes to maximize the client’s planning objectives.