Merger & Acquisition

Fiduciaries have relied on HVA’s independence and financial expertise in a wide range of merger and acquisition transactions, including business sales, leveraged buyouts, corporate reorganizations and recapitalizations, roll-ups, join ventures and various types of financing transactions.  Financial advisory services provided in these transactions usually culminate in the issuance of a fairness opinion, solvency opinion or valuation opinion.

HVA specializes in innovative approaches to complex transaction structuring issues.  When called upon to issue a fairness opinion or a solvency opinion, HVA scrutinizes all aspects of the proposed transaction, including transaction document,s sources, and uses of funds, financial statements and projections, and , if necessary, will recommend changes in the transaction structure in order to achieve investment goals of the various parties.  These goals are often achieved through the design of different classes of securities.

Because its fees for transaction opinions are never contingent upon the consummation of the transaction, HVA’s opinions are free of the inherent conflicts of interest that compromise many fairness opinions issued by investment banks.  By operating efficiently and without redundant layers of management, HVA brings its substantial transaction experience to bear on middle market transactions on a more cost effective basis than most investment banks or other national firms.